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The woodies by the ponds
Written by Cathy Watts & Illustrated by Emma Ball

Fun, informative and written with a magical sense of humour. I loved it!
Debbie Barnes, Education Officer, RSPB Pagham Harbour Nature Reserve

This is my fourth children's book for 5 to 10-year olds (the first three can be found at www.beachhutbooks.co.uk) and it sees the start of a new series set around the edge of some old fishponds. The book was launched at RSPB Pagham Harbour Nature Reserve on October 27th 2012.

woodies by the ponds

The woodies by the ponds
All over the country there are garden sheds: big ones; smaller ones; fancy ones; broken ones. And each wooden shed houses at least one woody – sometimes even a whole family! But you would never really notice the woodies unless you were looking out for them or dusted your shed regularly! Each woody is no bigger than your little finger and wears clothes which blend in with the landscape around them – complete with a lucky button and a magic feather too of course! The woodies in these enchanting stories live in a series of wooden sheds around the edges of some very old fishponds. Their world is brought to life with a magical sense of humour by popular children's author Cathy Watts and beautifully illustrated by watercolour artist Emma Ball.

hut by pond